REALTORS® Think Green

Think "GREEN" and help us decrease our carbon footprint on Clarksville, TN and surrounding areas.  Here is a list of some practical recourses to help Reduce, Reuse & Recycle.

RECYCLE:  Everyday Items


Recycle Used Batteries & Bring Documents to Shred

REALTOR Members of CAR can drop off old Sentrilock batteries or old documents that need shredding. Just bring them to the CAR office and we will safely dispose of them for you!

Verizon Wireless collects phones to help victims of domestic violence.

Recycle Ink & Toner Cartriges

Office Depot / Office Max participate in a reward program to recycle your used ink & toner cartriges. Just take them to your local store and turn them in.

Recycle Electronics & Appliances

Best Buy will accept a varity of different products, from computers and cameras to TV's and appliances.

Safely Dispose of Hazardous Matierals

Potentially Hazardous household items such as latex paint and used cooking oil is accepted at the bi-county landfill.

Save Energy, Save Money

Get Energy Saving Tips.

Trash to Treasures

Terracycle has free recylcling programs for everything from cigarette butts, to energy bar wrappers. Simply sign up, collect and print the FREE shipping Label.

The Habitat for Humanity ReStore is a "one Stop" facility for donating and purchasing reclaimed building materials, furniture, appliances, and supplies at discounted prices for their home improvement needs.

Support Local GREEN Certified Businesses

Your Trash is Someone Elses Treasure

Wood Pallets, and Styrofoam Coolers may look like trash to you, but there is are locals who want them.

Refer To This List of Local "Green" Certified Businesses

Support others in the community that are making the world a "Greener" place.

Recycling for Construction & Demolition

Recycling and Reuse Options for Construction Materials

Whether you flip houses or work closely with a local builder, these tips will help you integrate recycling into your business.

Construction and Demolition Waste Recycling

Check out this directory for recycling resources in the Nashville and surrounding areas.

Find Out More Info on Construction & Demolition Recycling

Materials: aggregates such as concrete, asphalt, asphalt shingles, gypsum wallboard, wood and metals can all be recycled. The Construction & Demolition Recycling Association (CDRA) can provide more information regarding this.

Shingles Can Be Recycled

Check out these Tenneessee Buisnesses that recycle Asphalt Shingles.

GREEN Incentive Programs in Tennessee

Tennessee Solar Rebates and Incentives

See if any programs that Tennessee has in place would benefit you.


Find out what utility efficiency programs are available to you.

TN Office of Energy Programs

Learn about programs and initiatives that promote a cleaner environment, reliable energy delivery, and a stronger economy.