Sandra Hester.jpg

Sandra Hester

Candidate for the position of Director

Affiliated with Veteran’s Realty Services

  • How long have you been a member of CAR?

    • September 2010

  • In the past 3 years, what have you done to improve your skills as a real estate professional?

    • Broker License, Military Relocation Professional Cert

  • What is your history of service to the association and its members (committees, events, etc.)?

    • Membership (Chair), Professional Standards, YPN, Budget and Finance, Building and Tech, Helping Hand, Ambassador, Education (Chair) and Leadership CAR

  • Why do you serve at the association?

    • I serve on the association to broaden my skill set.  I feel that working with everyone from our industry helps create a stronger association.

  • Why do you want to be Director?

    • To expand my knowledge of the workings of our Association.  I would like to see great things come and help initiate the changes.

  • What do you feel are your strongest attributes that you will bring to the table if elected?

    • Open minded and fair.  I feel that I am open minded to the suggestions of others and treat those ideas fairly.

  • What are your leadership goals you bring to CAR if you win your position?

    • I hope to one day be in the position of President. 

  • Any additional statement or information.

    • (no response)