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Melissa Powers

Candidate for the position of President-Elect

Affiliated with Reliant Realty

  • How long have you been a member of CAR?

    • · 6 years 2 months, (August 2012)

  • In the past 3 years, what have you done to improve your skills as a real estate professional?

    • I am a believer in always expanding my knowledge and skills within my career and for my clients. In the past 3 years I have done 229 hours of CE, I have received the educational achievement award every year since becoming a member of CAR, this year I received the Distinguished Education Award.  2018-I earned my GRI and I am almost done earning my CRS.

      I became more educated on RPAC and I have been a 99er investor for RPAC since becoming licensed and this year I became a Major Investor (Sterling R) for RPAC. 

      Attending the Spring and Fall conference for TN Realtors. These conferences have helped me further educate myself within the profession, educate me more on the state level association, and network with fellow agents and affiliates within the state of TN. 

      I also completed and graduated from the TN Realtors A.R.E.A. Leadership Course in September 2018.

      My mindset on improving my skills always has been "The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement". The journey to improvement is never ending. There will always be room for growth, improvement, adversity. You just have to take it in and do what is right, and be open to always improving yourself. 

  • What is your history of service to the association and its members (committees, events, etc.)?

    • I have been volunteering on committees at CAR since I became a member, at first as a committee member because I wanted to be involved, now over 6 years later I have served as your Treasurer for 2 years, been a Director for 4 years. I have been Chair and vice chair of many committees, helped start the YPN Core Group and Handbags for Hope. I also have been a TN Realtors Director for 2 years and recently completed the A.R.E.A Leadership training for TN, which i believe has helped strengthen my Leadership skills and given me knowledge to uplift our fellow agents. 

  • Why do you serve at the association?

    • Everyone knows volunteering is good for your soul, but it can also be good for your career as well. Serving at our association has helped me bond with my fellow agents & affiliates, learn new skills, and allows me to give back to CAR. Serving at CAR allows me to help be apart of our present and future.

      “The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual.”- Vince Lombardi

  • Why do you want to be President?

    • CAR has played a big role in my career and has gifted me so much over the past 6 years including education, mentorship, leadership, networking, and a REALTOR® family.

      I respect and value the struggles & triumphs that have been made over the years by CAR’s Staff and the Board of Directors/Leaders to make our association what it is today.

      We are fortunate to have the organization & leadership we have here at CAR and I want to continue being a part of maintaining and growing our wonderful association.

      I firmly believe that my experience thus far at the local and state levels, has given me a deeper understanding of how we as REALTORS® contribute to our communities. We must continue to bring value to our clients; always uphold our code of ethics; understand and know our value proposition; while navigating through the maze of challenges and changes that face our industry.

      I am committed to work with our leadership team to improve services to our members and help further educate our members and future members to all the benefits CAR has to offer.

      As President, I promise to do my best to represent the members of this organization and their needs in the most effective and professional manner. Thank you!

  • What do you feel are your strongest attributes that you will bring to the table if elected?

    • Everyone has their own definition of leadership. Mine is simple, dream big, inspire others, lead by example, passion, and stay committed.

      “A Leader is a visionary who mentors, inspires, educates, and develops others.” -Class of 2018 TN REALTORS® A.R.E.A. Graduate

  • What are your leadership goals you bring to CAR if you win your position? 

    • I aim to always keep learning and get outside my comfort zone more. Being adaptable is key early on to leadership.

      As a leader you sometimes need to make decisions for the good of our organization that everyone may not like. Make the right decisions, not the most popular ones.

  • Any additional statement or information.

    • I am very proud to be a REALTOR® and a member of the Clarksville Association of REALTORS®. I’m asking you to elect me as your President Elect for 2019 so I may continue working with our leaders to provide excellent support and services to our members

      Thank you for your vote.